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Hotwife JoJo

I am JoJo, the webmistress of this website. As well as being a webmistress I am a swinger, Hotwife, cougar and greedy girl

I am a Canadian girl, married to an English man living in New Brunswick in Canada.

My Cuckold Husband and I travel through Asia every year where we enjoy our hobbies of Scuba Diving, Photography and Cuckolding. It also allows us to make many new friends and lovers while we travel.

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My Story

I am married but always for looking men for NSA sex"I have always been a highly sexed girl, I started my sexual adventures in my early teens and have been enjoying different scenarios ever since.

In 2000 I was living in England and in an unhappy marriage, I mentioned to some of my friends how unhappy and bored I was, so one of them introduced me to a friend of his - dirtydavid.

DirtyDavid is a swinger who has been running swingers websites for over 20 years now. He quickly became my lover, then boyfriend then husband and Cuckold.

We still love having sex with other people and until the Covid Virus Pandemic we used to arrange swingers parties at our home in Spain for 80-120 people.

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My Fetishes

I am a Hotwife - I love to Cuckold my husband David

David has no issues with my love of sex and has always been happy to be a Cuckold and enjoys:

  • Watching me fucking other guys
  • Waiting home while I go out for sex with other guys
  • Driving me to dates with other guys and coming to collect me afterwards
  • Holding and kissing me while a guy fucks me
  • Fucking me when my pussy is full of other guys cum

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I am a Greedy Girl

I love having sex with groups of guys:

  • When I get going, I am happy for everyone around me to join in
  • I have had dozens of sessions with 3 guys
  • My best score in one evening was on July 1st 2001 on the round bed in Chameleons club in Birmingham England when I fucked 4 guys (plus David) and gave another 10 a blowjob.
  • The most I fucked in one night was in November that same year when I fucked 6 guys (plus David) in one evening.
  • I love having a cock (or 2) in my pussy, another in my mouth and one in each hand.
  • I am also bisexual, so I am equally happy having a girl sit on my face while a guy fucks me, or a girl lick me out while I give her man a blowjob.

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I love Cum

I love cum! I like to:

  • Have guys fuck me bareback and cum inside me
  • Have guys cum in my mouth - I always swallow
  • Have guys shoot their cum on my open pussy lips
  • Lick cum from other girls pussies
  • Have multiple loads of cum in my pussy
  • Watch cum covered cocks sliding in and out of my pussy
  • Have guys or girls eat my cream pies.

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I am a Cougar

My preference is always for younger guys, my youngest in the last few years was a couple of days before his 18th birthday (I found out afterwards).

I usually prefer my lovers to be in their early to mid twenties, but if a guy is a flirt and a charmer then age limits go out the window.

Also when I am already getting shagged in a group situation its very much a case of don't just stand there, get naked and FUCK ME!

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Me with some of my lovers over the years

If you like the pictures you can see lots more of me at https://joanddavid.com

me with a pussy full of cum waiting for David to fuck me

JoJo with 2 guys in November 2001

I am a cougar, I enjoy my men young

I love cum, in or on me

Cuckolding - jojo with 3 lovers

I love cum, in or on me

I love cum, in or on me

I love cum, in or on me

I love cum, in or on me

I love cum, in or on me

I love cum, in or on me

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