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Cuckold Fantasies

Cuckold Anticipation

The cuckold is waiting for his Hotwife to come home from work, she has gone for a few drinks with friends, but she is very late.

The Hotwife has gone back to the home of one of her male friends to have sex.

The Hotwife may ring her husband and let him listen, or even send him photos or videos from her smartphone of her lover fucking her.

The Hotwife will eventually go home and tell her Cuckold what she has done while she makes her Cuckold clean her lovers cum from her body and then fusk her.

An extension of this is where the husband has to guess the lover/s in the photos corectly before she allows him to touch her.

wife taking selfies of herself fucking her lover for her cuckold husband

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Cuckold Humiliation

The husband is made to watch as his wife makes love to her lover in front of him.

Normally he is not allowed to speak, touch or join in unless told to by either his wife or her lover.

Twists on this can take several forms:

  • The Cuckold can be restrained in cuffs or ropes
  • The Cuckold can be made to orally lubricate and guide the lovers penis into his wife
  • The Cuckold can be verbally abused for being a poor lover/poorly endowed/a wimp/a sissy
  • The Cuckold may be forced to dress in women's clothing as a Sissy
  • The Cuckold may be forced to wear a chastity device such as a Cock Cage

The games are only limited by the players imagination.

Cuckolding - Humiliation

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Cuckold Creampies

A creampie is where the wife's lover will ejaculate either into the wife or onto her outer lips.

The wife will not clean herself until she has shown her husband proof that she has been having sex with someone else.

The couple will often have sex using the lovers sperm as a lubricant.

Cuckolding - Creampies

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Cream Pie Cleanups

A creampie cleanup is where the Cuckold is forced to lick sperm from his Hotwife's pussy

If he has been watching, he is often forced to lick clean both his Hotwife and her lovers cock.

There are some great video clips of creampie cleanups on the web, here are some of my favourites:

Cuckolding - Creampie Cleanup

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Cuckold Impregnation

Depending on the level of the Cuckolds submission, a Hotwife may even get herself pregnant with her lovers.

There are a lot of adverts by Hotwives looking for males (Bulls) looking to breed.

Some Hotwives use just one Bull so they know who the father is, others will have sex with multiple men in a very short time span so that the father could be any one of many.

Cuckolding - Creampie Cleanup

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Inter Racial Cuckolding

This is currently a big sub-culture with (mainly) white wives having sex with (mainly) well endowed black males. Commonly abbreviated to BBC (Big Black Cock)

The culture has extended to women having a Ace of Spades tattoo on their ankle as a sign that they love black cock.

There is a smaller sub-culture of black and Asian women using white males to cuckold their husbands.

My husband loves watching me with black guys - he says the contrast in skin colours is great, as well as watching my pussy getting stretched by a huge black cock.

Cuckolding - Creampie Cleanup

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Forced Bisexuality

Many of the activities in the cuckold scene involve some level of bisexual activity

  • Creampie cleanups - where the husband eats his wife's lovers sperm.
  • Lubrication - where the cuckold is made to lick the lovers cock to make it wet for penetration.
  • Fluffing - where the cuckold is made to perform oral sex on the wife's lover to get him hard for her.
  • Sissying - where the cuckold is dressed as a woman and used as a woman and is fucked by the wife's lover.

Cuckolding - forced bi sexuality

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